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Children as young as 12 months old, with profound hearing loss, are benefiting from cochlear implant surgery.

  Starting with an initial bed strength of a mere 6 beds, MERF has today grown into one of the biggest ENT hospitals in the country. More than the quantitative growth, what has been gratifying for us has been the qualitative growth. The institution has today facilities which can be the envy of many an ENT center in the most advanced countries. Thus MERF has been in the forefront of the Cochlear Implant scenario in India and today has one of the largest Cochlear Implant clinics not only in India but the whole of South Asia. It has also been active in introducing lasers in the field of Otorhinolaryngology.  
  Cochlear Implant

Cochlea is the inner ear which is responsible for hearing. Hair cells inside the cochlea convert the acoustical sound into electrical impulses and these impulses are picked up by the auditory nerves and taken to the brain for interpretation.

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